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Gambling in four perspectives

Gambling in four perspectives Gambling is the practice of betting money or any other material value on an event with an outcome that is not certain and with the primary intention of winning either money or material goods. In most cases the outcome of the gambler is within a short period. Although the exercise is not generally accepted by many authorities, it was been practiced on some set aside days by the Roman Catholics and the Jews. Although people practice gambling for recreation purposes, the practice affects the brain chemistry and could lead to psychological addiction. Reinforcing such a behavior becomes a challenge even after the gamblers incur huge losses in the practice. As the gamblers attempt to try to get rich quickly, they sink in deeper and deeper problems making it more complicated to come out of the problem (Black Shaw 18). Advertising We will write a custom assessment sample on Gambling in four perspectives specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This problem in some cases needs to be rectified when it reaches extreme levels that could affect the psychological well being of the gambler. The problem of gambling may affect the gambler either biologically, mentally or offer behavioral challenges which all combine to bring about an effect in the health of an individual. A gambler faces the challenge of imminent effect of addiction to the effects of gambling every time he continues with the exercise of gambling something that may take long to drop. Gambling affects the mind of the gambler and eventually reaches a point of requiring guidance and counseling in order to alleviate the problem. Psychologists suggest that neurological features that are shared may determine partially the pathological effect of gambling. Ian has been a gambling victim who has lost all his property through gambling yet remains lost in the miasma of the habit with little success in doing away with the habit. He has decided to eventually visit practicing psychol ogists in an effort to help him recover from the problem that has even made him to be in bad books with the family members. Behavioral psychologist, Mister Brown believes that Ian’s problem has been an accumulation weird behavior started when he was young and perpetuated in to adulthood. He therefore believes that rectifying this problem will involve retracting from the behavior by avoiding visiting the places where gambling is practiced. Mister Brown also suggests that Mister Ian reconciles with his family as the first step into forgiveness and subsequent reformation. Biological psychologist Mister Dennis advised Mister Ian to distance himself from the company of gamblers who provoked his interest of going into gambling. By keeping off from the company of gamblers, he would minimize the chances of the habit increasing. According to Black Shaw (10) gamblers secret norepinephrine which is normally associated with stress, thrill or arousal all which need to be cured using pro per medication. When this hormone is released, the patients may break up even when carrying out the gambling.Advertising Looking for assessment on psychology? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Cognitive psychologist Mister Hart suggested to Mister Ian to use medication to heal him from the adverse effects already caused by gambling in his mind. The medication was to cure the permanent effects created by gambling. Black D Shaw M Psychiatric Comorbidity Associated With Pathological Gambling. Psychiatric Times 25 (12) 2008

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Using El Over La for Spanish Feminine Words

Using El Over La for Spanish Feminine Words El is the singular, masculine definite article, meaning the, in Spanish and is used to define masculine nouns, while la is the feminine version. But there are a few instances where el is used with feminine nouns. Gender in Words An interesting thing about Spanish is the fact that words have gender. A word is considered male or female, depending on what the word refers to and how it ends. A general rule of thumb is if a word ends in -o, it is most likely masculine, and if a word ends in -a, it is most likely feminine. If the word is describing a female person, then the word is feminine and vice versa. Definite Articles for Nouns In most cases, el is used for masculine nouns and la is used for feminine nouns. Another rule supersedes this, and that is when the feminine noun is singular and starts with a stressed a- or ha- sound, like the words agua, meaning water, or hambre, meaning hunger. The reason the definite article becomes el is mostly a matter of how it sounds to say la agua and la hambre and the clunkiness of the double-a sounds repeating. It sounds more definitive to say el agua and el hambre. There is a similar grammar rule in English about the use of the an versus a. An English speaker would say, an apple instead of a apple. The two repeating double-a sounds are too close to each other and sound too repetitive. The English rule  states that an, which is an indefinite article modifying the noun, comes before nouns that have a vowel sound at the beginning of the word and a comes before consonant-starting nouns. Feminine Words that Use the Masculine Article Notice the substitution of el for la takes place when it comes immediately before words starting with an a sound. Feminine Nouns English Translation el agua the water el ama de casa the housewife el asma asthma el arca the ark el hambre hunger el hampa the underworld el arpa the harp el guila the eagle If the feminine noun is modified by  adjectives  that follow the noun in the sentence, the feminine noun retains the masculine article. Feminine Nouns English Translation el agua purificada purified water el arpa paraguaya the Paraguayan harp el hambre excesiva excessive hunger Reverting Back to the Feminine Article The thing to remember is that words that are feminine remain feminine. The reason why this matters is if the word becomes plural, the word goes back to using the feminine definite article. In this case, the definite article becomes las. It sounds fine to say las arcas  since the s in las breaks up the double-a sound. Another example is las amas de casa. If a word intervenes between the definite article and the noun,  la  is used. Feminine Nouns English Translation la pura agua pure water la insoportable hambre the unbearable hunger la feliz ama de casa the happy housewife la gran guila the great eagle If the accent of the noun is not on the first syllable, the definite article la is used with singular feminine nouns when they begin with a- or ha-. Feminine Nouns English Translation la habilidad the skill la audiencia the audience la asamblea the meeting The substitution of el for la does not occur before adjectives that begin with a stressed a- or ha-, the rule only applies to nouns, despite the double-a sound.   Feminine Nouns English Translation la alta muchacha the tall girl la agria experiencia the bitter experience Exceptions to the Rule There a few exceptions to the rule that el substitutes for la immediately before a noun that begins with a stressed a- or ha-. Note, the letters of the alphabet, called  letras  in Spanish, which is a feminine noun, are all feminine. Feminine Nouns English Translation la rabe the Arabic woman La Haya The Hague la a the letter A la hache the letter H la haz uncommon word for face, not to be confused with el haz,meaning shaft or beam Feminine Words Can Use the Masculine Indefinite Article Most grammarians consider it correct for feminine words to take the masculine indefinite article un instead of una under the same conditions where la is changed to el. It is for the same reason  la is changed to el, to eliminate the double-a sound of the two words together.   Feminine Nouns English Translation un guila an eagle un ama de casa a housewife Although this is widely considered correct grammar, this usage is not universal. In everyday spoken language, this rule is irrelevant, due to elision, which is the omission of sounds, especially as words flow together. In pronunciation, there is no difference between un guila and una guila.

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Against Abortion Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Against Abortion - Research Paper Example Whether the fetus has life or not, pregnancy shows the woman had some level of maturity. The woman has ethical obligations towards the fetus as pregnancy occured knowingly (Cline, 2010). The second reason is the religious values. Christianity and Hinduism believe that all human beings come to earth with a definite purpose. Almost all religions are against abortion except special circumstances. Women want abortion because of social stigma or financial reasons. Each one’s destiny is clearly defined and killing would amount to the process of evolution of that soul (Christianet, 2008). Abortion can be traumatic for a woman which could impact her life at a later stage. Her own conscious would nag her and living with the aftermath of aborting can be devastating for a woman (Christianet, 2008). Abortion is immoral, abortion is unethical, abortion can impact the woman physically, mentally and emotionally and hence under no circumstances should abortion be

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Introduction to management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Introduction to management - Essay Example Basically, the company is owned by the employees since every partner’s main responsibility is to help and succeed in every endeavour that is set within its course. With the complex structure of the corporation, it is important to study and to analyze the corporate social responsibility which is often neglected but can be considered one of the most important aspects of a company (John Lewis Partnership, 2011b, About Us). In terms of CSR, the company believed in the importance of achieving goals while being a good corporate citizen. Their goal in terms of CSR is sustainability through civic responsibility as a method of establishing long term relationship with customers and suppliers. Specifically, JLP is employing environmentally sound policies, local community participation, and responsible sourcing and trading (JLP, 2011b, Our Responsibilities). One of the boldest moves undertaken by the company towards its CSR objectives is the implementation of CSR governance which is defin ed as the Partnership-wide action. In this project, Workplace Steering Group was established to concentrate solely on the planning, implementation and assessment of the CSR programs of the company. Also, the most important duty of the group is to mobilize the different departments and committees within the company to implement and to inculcate CSR perspective in every business practices. Thus, there are four major departments within JLP structure namely: the Employment Working Groups or the workplace composed of the people; the Divisional Steering and/or Working Groups or the marketplace steering group composed of customers, products and suppliers; the Divisional Community Investment Committees which are composed of the different communities; and the Environmental Steering Group which is composed of the company’s environment (JLP, 2011a, p.4). Tesco Plc and Its Views Telco Plc is a company focused in the retail service. It has a chain of groceries and general merchandise outl ets. The company is focused on the goal of creating value for the customer to achieve lifetime loyalty from them. Thus, the different aspects of the company is focused on the improvement of the retail business specifically the increase in number of branches, the expansion to international sites and the inclusion of different marketing interface such as online selling (Tesco Plc., 2011, About Us). In terms of CSR, Tesco Plc have clear objectives and path to achieve them. Included in the CSR aspect of the company are: the focus on the environment, the communities, the responsible buying and selling of products, the provision of healthy choices to the clients, and the people comprising the whole company structure (Tesco Plc., 2011). Comparison between John Lewis Partnership and Tesco Plc. Based on the study on the CSR policies of the two companies, there are similar and varying policies and views. Both companies have clear focus on the importance of CSR in the business operation. But t here are significant differences in the process of implementation of the policies. One of the main different between the two companies is the structure for CSR implementation. In JLP, an independent department

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Marketing Plan For Tui Travel Plc Tourism Essay

Marketing Plan For Tui Travel Plc Tourism Essay This section resumes the marketing opportunities, strategy and financial objectives for senior manager who are in charge with the approval of the marketing plan. TUI Travel PLC is looking to extend its already integrated operations by opening a sightseeing division. The pilot will be executed in the UK, as London is one of the major destinations for overseas travellers. The company will be able to compete with the sightseeing at local level and the pilot out of London tour, which provides the same attractions as the three already established sightseeing tour operators. The product will be offered to all our customers, orientated principally to families and empty nesters. The primary marketing objective is in line with the corporate policies of integrating and offering customers a customised service suitable to their needs. 2 BUSINESS OVERVIEW TUI AG is considered the leading integrated tourism provider in Europe, it is divided in three sectors: TUI Travel PLC, TUI Hotels Resorts and the Cruise brands Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten and TUI Cruises. TUI Travel PLC was formed in 2007 by the merge of First Choice PLC and the Tourism Division of TUI AG. The company operates in four sectors: Mainstream, Specialist and Emerging Markets, Activity and Destination and Accommodation. According to Interbrand, the success of TUI AG as a corporation is the message embedded in its mission statement Putting a smile on peoples faces, along with their corporate culture of excellency aim to provide customers with an unforgettable experience during their holidays, while reinforcing sustainability in all its destinations. TUI Travel PLC possesses the strengths inherent from being part of a major corporation including brand awareness, comprehensive services, leading domestic player. The key opportunities come from the joint ventures and the growth in hotel industry. Its principal weakness is dependence in the European market; also face the threats of competition from low cost carriers and slowdown in the markets economy. Strengths Brand Awareness: TUI Travel PLC operates principally through First Choice and Thompson, both have a reputation for servicing the leisure travel customer, providing differentiated and flexible options to meet changes in demand. Comprehensive Services Having a broad range of services, the companys operations cover the whole tourism segments and the diverse stages of a holiday: from retail, tour operating, flying and accommodation up to additional services at the destination. The company owns a network of travel agencies with active presence in more than 15 markets in Europe, as well as a fleet of aircraft through TUI Fly. TUI Hotels provides hotel accommodation to its various destinations. Additionally, the company offers luxury and premium class cruise liners through its Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten joint venture. Leading domestic player The company supplies travel services for over 30 million customers from 27 source markets. It also provides airline services with a fleet of more than 146 aircraft and 350 retail shops in Europe. Additionally, TUI Hotels Resorts is considered the leading hotelier in Europe with around 243 hotels with approximately 154,000 beds in 28 countries. The major brands of hotels include Riu, Grupotel, Iberotel, Robinson, Grecotel, Magic Life, and Dorfhotel. Weaknesses Dependence on Europe TUI AG is greatly dependant on Europe for its income generation, around 79% of its revenues. High focus of operations in a single region increase the companys chances to more diverse risk exposure such as local factors i.e.: lower demand, severe weather conditions, labor strikes, change in regional laws and economic conditions, thus constraining the ability for growth. Opportunities Joint venture agreements In March 2009, TUI Travel and Air Berlin come into a long-term strategic partnership for their German sector flight segment, based on a cross ownership where TUI Travel, through a subsidiary, will have an interest of 19.9% in Air Berlin. Growing global hotels and motels industry The worldwide hotels and motels sector has observed a major growth in recent years. The industry performance is anticipated to recover further. With well-built geographic presence in hotel industry, TUI Hotel Motel is well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity head on. Treats Economic slowdown in Europe Since the companys revenues rely on the general economic conditions of the region and the economic position of Europe is projected to be weak after the recent chaos in financial markets and consumer attitude, it could reduce the demand for the companys products and services. Competition from low cost airlines Whereas traditional airlines are encountering rigorous challenges such as elimination of routes and reducing staff, the low cost sector carry on expanding at a incredible rate, trends show that the low cost carriers are becoming leading players on a considerable number of intra-European short -haul point-to-point routes. Strong competition from low cost airlines could negatively influence the companys operations. 3 MARKET OVERVIEW Although the tourism industry had a steady growth over the last few years, it is evident that it is not immune to the effects of economic and health alerts. According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of visits to the UK fell in 2008 for the first time since 2001, overseas residents made 31.9 million visits to the UK in 2008 compared with 32.8 million in 2007, a fall of 2.7 per cent. Despite the decline in the number of visits, spending on trips to the UK reached record levels during 2008; overseas residents coming to the UK spent a total of  £16.3 billion, an increase of 2.3 per cent on the 2007 figure (published 16th July 2009)  [1]   However the same office, has reported that in the three months to February 2010, compared with the previous three months, the seasonally adjusted results from the international Passenger Survey showed that: à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¢ Overseas residents visits to the UK increased by 2 per cent to 7.5 million. Figures for the most recent months are provisional and subject to revision in light of (a) more accurate data on passenger figures becoming available at the end of each quarter (published 15th April 2010)  [2]   Although the figures above only represent the winter trends, gives an indication of improvement in the market. TUI Travel PLC, could see such indication as an opportunity to get stronghold in the market in the future. 3.1 CUSTOMER INFORMATION The company uses a policy based on its brand identification, for example First Choice is aimed primarily to families, while Thompson has characterised its segment target to be oriented to couples and seniors. Both segments assumed to have additional disposable income. 3.2 SERVICE INFORMATION As previously stated, the company offers an integrated range of tourist services, personalised according to customers demands and needs. Thus, in order to integrate further its operations the aim of this project is to highlight the relevance of a sightseeing venture to facilitate the overseas customers visiting UK for example. 4 OBJECTIVES The key objectives for the UK sightseeing division under TUI Travel PLC are: Further integration of services provide to overseas customers. Continue with the differentiation policies in all products offers. Aim to carry 50% of UK visitors from its various brands to different sightseeing attractions during the first year of operations. The carrying rates are to rise on 20% on yearly basis thereafter. 5 STRATEGY The UK Sightseeing division will provided customers with a friendly, personalised experience while using professionals guides to accompany groups in their trips to the historic and most relevant sights. 5.1 PRODUCT Initially the products will encompass the following products: London tourist sights: Panoramic of London, Photo stop at Buckingham Palace, Photo stop at Saint Paul Cathedral, Lunch in a traditional English pub, cruise for the river Thames and entrance to the London Eye. Outside London: Entrance to the Windsor Castle, Roman Bath with walking tour of the historic town, Lunch in a traditional English pub in Salisbury and entrance to Stonehenge. Customers will be pick-up from their hotels at a pre-determine time in order to ensure that all passenger are present at time of departure. At the meeting point customers will be introduce to their guide for the day and will be taken to the vehicles designated for the chosen tour. 5.2 PRICE Considering that there is three more sightseeing tour operators in the UK, the prices should be in line with similar products offers by the competitors in order to maintain the demand for the products. However, since the business unit will be part of a package holiday, TUI Travel will surely achieve a higher level of economies of scale when contracting the services of suppliers involved on the operational side of the tours. 5.3 PLACE PROMOTION Stores: The Company have to its disposition over 650 retail shops around UK, which will give them a competitive advantage over its competitors, as the three major sightseeing operators only serve London through their call centres. Website: First Choice and Thompson both enjoy large websites, which are characterised for being user friendly and easy to navigate, thus any customer interested in additional services will be able to find the combination of products suitable to their needs. Search engines optimization: To improve the discovery of the websites, UK sightseeing division will ensure that links are built within key Internet search engines sites, as well as key word register to the main domains (i.e. holidays, short breaks, all inclusive, etc) Advertising: Once the operational site of the UK sightseeing division is up and running, TUI Travel will make the announcement through its major website, as well as to link the release news on the websites for all its subsidiaries within the group, to ensure that customers booking holidays in advance are aware of the new available services. Public Relations: Prior to the opening the company will invite representatives from its hotel portfolio to enjoy the tours offered and request feedback on their views as to evaluate the services in offer. The company will arrange for a formal launch of its new division, inviting relevant press representatives from major newspapers as well as tourism specialised magazines. Promotion: High quality brochure is to be promoted and make available in all hotels belonging to the group for display (concierge desk for example) available to all customer staying at the hotels. 5.4 PEOPLE Appropriate staff is essential for a service to be perceived and recognised by its customer. The difference between customer retention or not is mostly attributed to the way services and management customer techniques are delivered by a company. Staff must have the suitable interpersonal skills, attitude, and service knowledge to give the service that consumers are paying for.  [3]   TUI is very supportive when it comes to training and ongoing development and believes it is vital that people are given opportunities to learn throughout their career. The company has its own dedicated in-house Learning and Development team and there are many opportunities for development such as workshops on a variety of topics, one-to-one coaching, e-learning and where appropriate, TUI support their staff to undertake professional and vocational qualifications relevant to their role. All staff has regular one-to-one reviews with their managers to support their ongoing development and explore further opportunities for training and development.  [4]   5.5 PROCESSES Relates to the systems used to aid a company to deliver the service. The company will ensure that time tables are kept in order to avoid delays on the running of the tours. Make certain that customers place their lunch order in time during the morning tour, as to ascertain that lunch meal will be served according to schedule. Any complains or recommendation should be dealt promptly to maintain customer confidence. 5.6 PHISICAL EVIDENCE The physical evidence is an important element of the service mix, customers evaluate their perceptions based on their view of the service provided, having an impact on the organisations perceptual plan of the overall service.  [5]   Primary the company will aim to close the gap between customer expectations and company perception of the customer needs. 6 BUDGETS Item Date Cost Measure of success Website adjustment 30 May  £2500 Number of hits per month 3000 Payment to search engines adv to increase exposure 15 June  £13000 All subsidiaries sites carrying links Brochure 01 June  £10000 Deliver to all hotels in the group Advertising in specialised magazines 01 June  £10000 Monthly slot secure for 6 months Site hosting costs 15 June  £8000 Google, Mozila secure feature on first page Launching Night 15 June  £5000 300 people attendance  £35,500 7 ACTION PLAN Action May June July Aug Improvement of website 07 Logo design align with TUI Travel 15 Link website into Sub- websites 20 Advert in magazines 27 Invite reps from news papers and mag 01 Launch night 15 Brochure delivery 10 Complimentary tours 01 First customer running tour 10 Measure of passengers on tours 10 Evaluation of results/correctives if needed 15 8 Evaluation of Results During this face of the project, the aim is to evaluate the overall performance of the tours operational and tactical side. TUI Travel subsidiaries websites (First Choice and Thompson) have the capability of allowing customers to publish live comments on their experience. A team will be assigned to evaluate and quantify the comments in order to assess the performance of tours, and implement correctives if necessary. 9 Conclusion Where TUI Travel to implement the above plan, it will improve further their policy of differentiation and facilitate customer choices at the time of browsing for a package holiday with London as a destination. The assumption is that the new business unit will be implemented as a pilot project to evaluate its feasibility and acceptance from customers in general, local and overseas travellers. TUI AG, continue to endorse its mission statement even in the light of lost of revenue in the case of natural disasters; like the one recently experience due to the Volcanic ash from Island which closed European airspace for over a week. TUI Travel PLC, announced on the 21st April that they were implementing their crisis plans, which included provision of welfare to customers in resorts and commencing the repatriation action as soon as possible. Their plan contemplate repatriation through coaches, ferries and owned cruises and according to their estimation all of its customers will be back in England by Friday 23rd April. Measures implemented as above, form milestone for brand recognition and undoubtedly give customer peace of mind, as they are confident that their travel company cares about them and will do whatever takes to ensure a safe return home. Individual Critical Reflection of Learning Outcomes During the course of the subject Marketing Management, I came to realise that marketing is a complex theme. The models and other techniques studied where made easy to understand by the tutor and the evaluation of it through practical examples facilitate the assimilation of the material. Personally I feel that the simulation done through the Marketing Game software was critical for the understanding in how marketing a product affects the whole of an organisation, and how the decisions made in terms of cost/investment can have both, positive or negative outcomes. Another skill that was put to the test relates to communication, as in some cases we were grouped in teams to solve/discuss material regarding the subject matter. Regarding the assignment I found it quite difficult to tackle as, first English is my second language and 2nd although I have presented written works before they were in my mother tongue and oriented to practical experiences rather than research itself. As a next step, I will work through future assignments with more time in order to share my queries with my tutor, as to ensure that I have understood the approach to be evaluated with the written work.

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Stakeholder analysis

This is important if we are to take into consideration and somehow respond o those actors who may feel threatened by and resist change. It is also important to distinguish primary stakeholders, those who benefit from an intervention or programmer. Stakeholder analysis is used to understand who the key actors are around a given issue and to gauge the importance of different groups' interests and potential influence. It also serves to highlight groups who are most affected by a given issue and least able to influence the situation.How to use this framework Stakeholder analysis should be focused on a single issue, e. G. Girls' education or recruitment of child soldiers. It can serve as an analytical framework for processing data or as a data collection exercise to be done in the field: based on review of existing information (documentary review); in group meetings; through key informant interviews (centrally or in the field). It can serve in an assessment exercise, in a programmer monit oring exercise (e. G. To further probe positions/ interests as the programmer advances) and in an evaluation (e. . How have interests changed, supporting or impeding programmer progress). What it can tell us Identify different groups that can be sources of information; Interpret perspectives provided by each group; Identify who could positively or negatively influence programmer responses; To support realistic programmer planning and management, data collectors must look carefully within the group of primary stakeholders, recognizing that this group is not uniform, but include sub-groups with different characteristics (e. G. Omen, children, leaders); and at the wider group of actors that might positively or negatively influence a situation. A â€Å"do no harm† perspective (see content sheet â€Å"Do no harm') must foresee which non- remarry stakeholder groups might seek to benefit from a programmer at the expense of primary stakeholders Direct capacity-building efforts A cap acity-building approach to the projects should seek to increase primary stakeholders' influence over the achievement of a goal (I. E. Move primary stakeholders towards sector 1 in the Venn diagram on the next page).Representing stakeholders as a Venn diagram Two circles distinguish stakeholders: Primary stakeholders (those who will benefit from an intervention) are represented inside the dotted oval; The wider context of stakeholders is presented by the larger oval. Two axes (influence/be influenced and win/lose) divide the diagram into four areas: Sector 1: Those who can influence the situation and benefit from it; examples: Outsiders: local and international Nags, political factions; Primary stakeholders: influential actors (e. . Leaders). Sector 2: Those who are influenced by the changes and will benefit from it; examples: Primary stakeholders; Non-primary stakeholders who will nonetheless gain from the project's outcomes. Sector 3: Those who cannot influence the achievement of a goal and will be effected negatively by it; examples: Primary stakeholders and outsiders whose status or relative wealth are changed by an activity.

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Personal Statement Mr. Hall - 795 Words

Mr. Hall is buying up missile-silo sites and building them out with high-end luxury condos, designed to survive a nuclear attack. Condos include a range of amenities such as a spa, a hydroponic garden and a 5-year supply of food. The units are sold as second or emergency homes, priced from $1.5M to $3M each and buyers have typically been high wealth individuals such as doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs. Mr. Hall is meeting the needs of customers who have fears about terrorism, pandemics and the financial crisis and who have the means to continue living a life of luxury in one of his condos should the need arise. At first glance it would appear that Smith would deem this to be a moral business because it is the manifestation of ambition and success; the ability to purchase a luxurious home (the palace) that is beautiful and yet has utility. The units have 9’ ceilings, faux sunlight and windows, and can be equipped with fireplaces. At the same time they are fit for their purpose, having stored food, functioning gardens and aquaculture, multiple energy sources etc. In all these ways, the condos could be seen as valuable by the spectator. On the other hand, these units appeal to those who are fearful enough to believe they will need this type of housing and in that way they are extreme. Although Smith was in favor of mobility, he was a centrist at heart and did not believe that extremes like this would be acceptable to the spectator. Overall, morality is determinedShow MoreRelatedThe Patient Who Fell Through The Cracks976 Words   |  4 PagesSituation Overview Mr. H, also known as â€Å"The Patient Who Fell through the Cracks† (Lowe-Phelps, 1984), is presented as an ill appearing sixty-five year old male. Mr. H has a history of morbid obesity, chronic heart failure (CHF), peripheral venous disease (PVD), and chronic venous stasis ulcers to his bilateral lower legs. He lives at home with his diabetic wife, whom also appears ill looking and his mentally challenged adult son. The primary purpose of the home care nurse’s visits was wound careRead MoreCj227 Unit 4 Project Essay929 Words   |  4 Pagespolice were required to take once John began to incriminate himself? The police have no obligation to stop John Doe from making any statements. â€Å"Excited Utterance† made by a defendant before being questioned are admissible as statements given under Miranda advisement. Once the police begin to question John Doe regarding the theft, then they are required to read or provide Mr. Doe with his Miranda Warnings. Miranda rig hts (Miranda rule, Miranda warning) n. the requirement set by the U. S. Supreme CourtRead MoreCase Brief Essay1205 Words   |  5 Pagesgiggled and ran back to their seats. Geiger saw a purse lying next to her coffee cup on the top of the desk. Shortly after Argo called Coffman to the principals office, rat poison was found in Coffmans purse. Both Reeves and Coffman gave written statement to the Sheriff investigator concerning their plan to poison Geiger and steal her car. Reeves and Coffman were found to be delinquent by the Carroll County Juvenile Court, and both appealed from that ruling to the Carroll County Circuit Court.Read MoreA Critique Of The Feminine Position Of Antebellum Society1598 Words   |  7 PagesRuth Hall: A Critique of the Feminine Position in Antebellum Society In 1854 Fanny Fern published what was to become not only her most successful works, but one of the most popular and enduring works of English literature during the Antebellum period: Ruth Hall; A Domestic Tale of the Present Time. Though the title – especially to a modern reader – does little to convey the level of thoughtful and heady critique that Fern expounds through this book, it is actually is a strong indictment of theRead MoreCase Brief1210 Words   |  5 Pagesand ran back to their seats. Geiger saw a purse lying next to her coffee cup on the top of the desk. Shortly after Argo called Coffman to the principal s office, rat poison was found in Coffman s purse. Both Reeves and Coffman gave written statement to the Sheriff investigator concerning their plan to poison Geiger and steal her car. Reeves and Coffman were found to be delinquent by the Carroll County Juvenile Court, and both appealed from that ruling to the Carroll County Circuit Court.Read MoreSetting : The Backseat Of A Private Town Car1355 Words   |  6 Pages Setting: The backseat of a private town car. At Rise: Mr. Peterson and Johnson are being driven to a deal that Mr. Peterson hopes to close by his personal driver, Amir. Johnson: Please tell me you didn’t have me wait ten minutes just to learn a lesson. Peterson: I’ve been waiting for you to give me the paperwork so I can close this nine-figure licensing deal. Johnson: Oh. Well I’ve had it this whole time if you would’ve asked. (He hands over the paperwork to Peterson.) Peterson: I know youRead MorePast Psychiatric History Regarding Dr Rosemary Mills1577 Words   |  7 Pageswith DR Rosemary Mills report due to the reasons being: Myself Mr Simon Cordell’s and family representatives, inclusive of civil partner and close net friends, whom do support me and disagree with the negative statements used in the medical reports. We all therefore agree together, that a wide amount of information contained on RIO’S data base is widely inaccurate, such wrongful intelligence is the statement that does quote that I Mr Simon Cordell have previously been diagnosed as to be sufferingRead MoreEssay about Creative Media and Events Ltd.1247 Words   |  5 Pagesmanagement, public relation and media. CME’s mission statement is ‘To be the market leader in all our business ventures, doing always with integrity and purpose. A passion for God, creativity and a â€Å"think big† strategy is at the core of our businesses’. CME was formed in 2008 by Garth Walker, Chairman and Leighton Davis, Managing Director who together they have over 20 years of experience in Marketing Management, Event Management and Creative Development. Mr. Walker stated in the Private Sector OrganizationRead MoreThe Birthplace Of A Nation1180 Words   |  5 Pagescabin once designed to be a modest mercantile would be miraculously transformed into a symbol of freedom and an inspiration of courage? Rich in history, a symbol of the heritage of Texas, the birthplace of a nation—this is â€Å"Independence Hall.† Independence Hall is a humble, one-room, wooden cabin located at the Washington on the Brazos Historic Site in Texas. At first glance, this modest place may not appear significant, after all, it was designed to be a practical, little mercantile. But this placeRead MoreComptronix Corporation Case 4.21075 Words   |  5 Pagespeople within the organization. Risk assessment is the company’s identification, analysis, and management of risk in the preparation of the financial statements. Control activities are the company’s policies and procedures to address any potential risk. Information and communication focuses on the systems used for creation of the financial statements and the communication of the outputs. Monitoring is the process in which the organization continuously assesses the quality and effectiveness of the